Black and white image of a five year old girl on a climbing frame on a family photoshoot in Southampton
Mum snuggles into her little boy's face as he smiles at the camera - family photoshoot, Katherine and her Camera
Two year old girl stares into the lens against a countryside landscape.

Family Photoshoot Booking Form

Please fill in as much detail as possible on this form. It will make sure I have all the correct information for your shoot and helps me get to know you a bit better! 

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Please can you also indicated each person's relationship to the person booking the shoot.

What kind of things do you like doing together? How would you describe yourselves?

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Using photographs from your shoot is one of my main ways of marketing and reaching out to new clients, so I really appreciate you allowing me to share your images with other families. You can come back to me and change your consent at any time.


These Terms and Conditions of Business (“Terms”) set out the terms and conditions on which Katherine and her Camera, registered address at 157 Oakley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 4LL (“Photographer”, “I”, “me”) shall supply you (“Client”; “you”) with such services as detailed in the booking form. By signing below, you hereby agree to be bound by the Terms herein. It is agreed that the terms set out in this booking form is the total agreement made between parties and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.


This agreement contains the entire understanding between Katherine and her Camera and the client(s) named in the booking form. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by the client(s) and Katherine and her Camera.


Full payment is required at time of booking, together with this signed contract and any expenses which may be due (Nil). Dates are reserved only when this payment and signed contract are received by Katherine and her Camera. An unconditional refund policy exists for a period of 14 days from receipt of the initial payment ("cooling off period"). All payments should be made by bank transfer. An invoice will be sent once the booking form has been received.


In the event that Katherine and her Camera cannot attend for any reason beyond her control: death, accident, illness or for any other reason then Katherine and her Camera will not be liable to compensate the client except to return any monies paid. If the client wishes to cancel this agreement for any reason after a period of 14 days from the date of signing this contract, as compensation for loss of income due to turning away other potential bookings for the same date, a cancellation charge of 30% of the total package price will be applied.

This sum is compensation for losses suffered.


Katherine and her Camera’s discovery of new information, changes to agreed circumstances, or other factors which tend to circumvent its policies may result in its withdrawal. Non-cooperation; changes in locations, facilities or available times; missed appointments and late payments are examples of contributing factors. Should Katherine and her Camera initiate the withdrawal, all fees will be returned. In case of withdrawal, £75 an hour is charged for all photography services already provided to the client(s). Should the photographer's personal safety or safety of their equipment come under threat at any point during the event, the photographer may cease their duties immediately and no refunds will be provided by Katherine and her Camera to the client under these circumstances.


Katherine and her Camera will provide a collection of edited images to the client(s) in a private online viewing gallery and as high resolution files. The images will be provided as high- resolution JPEG files. All image sizes are nominal. The photographer will provide a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching owing to anomalous reflectance caused by a combination of certain dyes and material especially man made fibres. It is sometimes impossible to record colours exactly as seen by the human eye. No guarantee will be made on the total number of images to be provided. The images provided will be deemed the full and final collection and under no circumstances will RAW files be released. Katherine and her Camera will digitally archive and store your images for a period of 12 months after your event date. Katherine and her Camera agrees the client may have full reproduction rights of the images but the images cannot be used by the client in advertising, social media or commercial use without consent from the photographer. A credit or link is required in all instances of public exposure.


As highlighted above - all images taken by Katherine and her Camera remain under copyright of Katherine and her Camera. The client agrees any of Katherine and her Camera’s images uploaded to social media will be credited to Katherine and her Camera - this includes images uploaded by friends and family of the client and wedding suppliers. Uncredited images are a breach of copyright.


Katherine and her Camera shall be granted creative and artistic license in relation to the choice of locations, poses and compositions used. Katherine and her Camera shall use personal artistic judgment to create images consistent with the photographer's personal vision of the event. Katherine and her Camera’s judgement on photographic style and the number of photographs taken/provided to the client shall be deemed correct. The photographers judgment regarding the locations / poses and number of images taken shall remain final. Due to the vagaries of the weather and the willingness of subjects it may not be possible to capture all the images requested.


Katherine and her Camera shall be the sole professional (still) photographer throughout the event.


Katherine and her Camera will endeavour to honour any specific requests for photographs but will not undertake to guarantee any specific photograph nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement. Any requests for specific photos of people and/or details must be provided in writing before the event. Katherine and her Camera is not responsible if key individuals fail to appear or co-operate during photography sessions or for missed images due to details not revealed to Katherine and her Camera or for any other reason outside of the photographer's control, including inclement weather conditions.


The photographer is limited by the guidelines and wishes of the ceremony official or event site management. The client agrees to accept the technical results of their imposition on the photographer. It is suggested that any specific restrictions or rules relating to photography are ascertained prior to the event date by the client and communicated to the photographer.


Although every possible care will be taken to produce photographs of all important and special events during the event, Katherine and her Camera cannot place an unconditional guarantee on this. Katherine and her Camera will not be held responsible for any ruined photographs due to any other person’s (guests, officials, vicars, etc) intervention or any other missed or spoiled photographs due to any other cause outside of Katherine and her Camera’s control.


The client hereby grants Katherine and her Camera the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the client or in which the client may be included for editorial, trade, advertising or any other purpose and in any manner and/or medium considered standard by the wedding industry. Such mediums/purposes include, but are not limited to: advertising, internet promotion, photographic contests, public displays, photography books, blogs, studio display, sample albums, and any other use thought proper by Katherine and her Camera and considered standard by the wedding industry.


Katherine and her Camera will store your name and event details on a private internal database. These details will not ever be made available to companies or individuals outside of Katherine and her Camera.


The images provided to the client will have been edited to correct exposure, colour, contrast and tone in line with the artistic vision of Katherine and her Camera. Advanced retouching is not included in the package price (e.g. skin smoothing/enhancement, correction of hair/makeup/clothing, removal of objects from a scene, swapping a face from one image to another, environmental effects, reflections in glasses, teeth whitening, brightening of eyes, and bodily enhancements). A quote will be provided for any requests for advanced retouching.


If an album or prints have been purchased as part of the package, the clients must select the images within 12 months of receiving the online gallery link. If album or print selections are not made within this time, the album/prints are forfeit and no refunds shall be made by Katherine and her Camera.


The performance of this contract on behalf of Katherine and her Camera shall be contingent upon acts of God, flood, fire, warfare, government laws or regulations, electrical failure, strikes by suppliers, and/or conditions beyond its control.


This contract has been freely negotiated and shall be recognised as the entirety of the agreement. Only those changes or modifications specifically placed in writing, attached, dated and signed by the client and Katherine and her Camera at the time of acceptance of this contract shall be recognised as amendments to this contract.