Hi, I'm Katherine...

...a Hampshire based photographer specialising in honest, natural and creative wedding photography.

I live in Southampton with my sports-mad husband (crazy golf is about as sporty as I get!) and our wire-haired Dachshund, Winnie. We're very close to the New Forest and I love to get out for a walk through the trees as often as I can.

In 2019 one of my best friends asked me to be her wedding photographer and since then I've not looked back! I love wedding photography and will happily travel across the UK or abroad to document your special day.

My Photography Style

My passion is for finding the emotion and connection at your photoshoot and using these elements to tell your story. I look for photos with a quiet depth to them. Photography is not looking, its feeling.

I'm for those who value authenticity above aesthetic. For the most part I take a documentary approach in my wedding photography. I capture what happens as it unfolds before me, rather than intervening or directing. The overall experience is very relaxed, I just blend in and am more like a friend than a supplier. At certain points I will guide or prompt you but only to get a natural reaction. Your photographs should be an honest reflection of you. I love people who like to do things a little differently and don't feel the need to follow the crowd. Follow your own style - show me what makes you sparkle!

Photos courtesy of Natasha Jay Brand Photographer.

My background...

I originally trained as a Curator and have worked in museums across Hampshire for nearly a decade. Despite popular belief, curating is not all about dark rooms, taxidermy and 'Do Not Touch' signs - its about stories.

Its about discovering what collections can tell us about the people who used them. Its about discovery and understanding and wonder. The Curator's job is to find new ways of engaging and inspiring people, and making sure items are cared for and preserved for years to come.

When you think of it this way, its not such a huge leap from curator to photographer. My passion and values are the same - to tell the story of people's lives, to communicate emotion and to ensure these stories are kept and loved for many years. I love the thought of people sharing my photos with children and grandchildren, just like I love to look at photos from my family's past. My ultimate aim is to create images that become treasured heirlooms.

Fun facts about me...

  • I love a good series, whether a book (Harry Potter), TV (The US Office is my true TV love), or Podcast (My Dad Wrote a Porno anyone?!) I get a bit obsessed!
  • I am an over-user of exclamation points!!!
  • I used to have a pet tortoise called George and now co-parent a scruffy little Jack Russell called Fred and our latest edition to the family is Winnie the wire-haired Dachshund.
  • My favourite way to relax is snuggling up with a good book.
  • I love a colourful notebook - I'm guaranteed to bring one to our meeting for jotting down ideas.
  • I'm a crazy-golf fanatic! It's a must-do on any family holiday and we've just started a family annual championship (I'm currently last, but everyone loves an underdog, right?!)
  • My husband and I love a European city break - we've done Rome, Florence, Sorrento, Seville, Berlin, Paris, Malta, Krakow, Prague and Kotor. Always looking for new and off the beaten track recommendations so throw any my way!
  • I'm a child at heart - I love anything sparkly and Up is one of my favourite films (it makes me cry every time!!)
  • I am an introvert and proud of it! An INFP if you are into your Myers-Briggs. If you're an introvert planning your wedding, I've written a blog post just for you!



“Katherine produced the most amazing photos of our wedding day. I love her style, the colours are so rich and deep and she captured the most amazing expression, movements and important parts of our day without imposing at all. We are so happy with how she has captured our day and embraced our weird, chaotic, crazy moments. THANK YOU KATHERINE!!!”