The Family Photoshoot Experience

Who else remembers having those awkward studio family photographs when they were younger? Feeling uncomfortable in your 'best' outfit, hair brushed to within an inch of its life, all 'sit here, put your hands here, turn your head this way'... I don't know about you but that experience and those photographs do not represent my view of my family in any way! That's why my family photoshoots are the complete opposite of this and always will be.

Whether you choose to have your photoshoot at your home, or out and about at your special family spot, the most important part is that you all have fun!!

Your photoshoot should reflect you as a family and what you love to do together - whether that's snuggling up on the sofa to read a book, running around on your local beach and splashing in the waves or blowing bubbles in your back garden (I love bubbles!).

My relaxed approach means that I blend in as much as possible with whatever you choose to do and capture your day naturally as it unfolds. Its a bit like a friend joining you for a day out, and that friend has brought a camera!

So why do you need a family photoshoot? I mean, we've all got cameras on our phones now, right? But booking a family photoshoot with me is so much more than that...

You love your family pics, but its always you behind the lens and its got to the point where another selfie just isn't going to cut it. You want some photos of all your family together, where you can just enjoy spending time with each other and not have to worry about taking snaps which just live on your phone or get posted on Instagram. You want the chance to make real memories with your loved ones, with photos that will bring you back to that moment in years to come.

You're not looking for pristine outfits or to be put in awkward poses by a bossy stranger. You don't want to just remember what your family looks like, you want to remember their spirit, quirks and personality!

I'm not about aesthetic, I'm about honesty in my photography. I work hard to capture a moment in your life, like a time capsule. I look for emotion, connection and the little details that make your family unique, giving you creative photographs that tell your family's story.

Take a look through my family portfolio and let's have a chat about your family photoshoot.