This styled shoot at Watermouth Cove Weddings is inspired by Amphitrite, Greek Goddess of the Sea and the John William Waterhouse painting, A Mermaid.

After this inspiration had struck me, I went about pulling together a team to help my vision come to life. I am so so grateful to everyone who was a part of this shoot, they all brought their own incredible talent and creativity. Plus, it didn't come without it's challenges! A few days before the shoot Georgia called me from Watermouth Cove to say that a storm had washed up a small mountain of debris onto the beach where we would be shooting! But, everyone rallied together, we found some different, equally stunning spots to set up our shoot (everywhere at Watermouth Cove is stunning to be fair) and the shoot went ahead. All the team even clambered over the debris to get to the sea caves, which is where we took some of my favourite shots.

It was just an incredible experience and I feel so lucky, proud and grateful to have been able to do it. So here are the photos as a result, I hope you find some inspiration for your beach wedding. Full list of wonderful suppliers can be found at the bottom of the page - definitely check them out!

Watermouth Cove is one of my favourite wedding venues. If you are getting married there, do get in touch and let's chat about your wedding photography!