How I capture your wedding accessories in my relaxed, documentary style.

As a relaxed documentary wedding photographer, I have to admit that I often prioritise photographing people and moments over details on your wedding morning. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing - capturing real moments is what I love most about wedding photography and I'll never change that - but I also appreciate that all those little details can be just as important when you have put a lot of time into planning your big day.

While I am not the type of photographer who will agonise over the perfect flat-lay while you and your wedding crew are chinking glasses, I do enjoy looking for ways to capture your details, stationery and accessories which help tell the story of your day.

Black men's dress shoes on a yellow velvet background - Hampshire wedding photography
Men's black wedding shoes with a burgundy bow tie and cufflinks on a yellow velvet chair - Hampshire wedding photography
Men's black wedding shoes on a staircase - Hampshire wedding photography

I will look for spots around your home or wedding morning location which will not only be a great background for your accessories, but will remind you of something about your day. Perhaps a unique piece of feature furniture, or the staircase at your parents' home where you grew up...

I love heading outside to get some detail shots if possible. I just think it gives the photo a little more interest, and can show a different perspective of your getting ready location.

I can get some shots of your wedding rings if you have them with you, maybe with some of your other wedding items such as your stationery or bouquet.

Speaking of stationery - if you would like to have this captured as part of your wedding photography, of course I can find some time on your wedding morning to get those shots. If your heart is set on a flat-lay I can do that with items which help tell the story of your day, or I can take your stationery with me to get some shots around your venue.

Of course, if you and your fiance are getting ready at different locations, I won't be able to capture both your wedding details in the morning unless you have a second shooter. Booking a second shooter with me can be a good idea if having photos of you both getting ready in the morning and capturing those pre-ceremony nerves and excitement is important to you. If you want detail shots, make sure your accessories are all together and somewhere handy when we arrive so we can get those shots and then focus on you and your wedding party enjoying your morning together!

One of the best places I like to get your wedding details shots is on you! Your wedding accessories are meant to be worn so I like to make sure I get some close up shots of the things you have chosen to complete your wedding day look.

And finally, if you have a pet with you getting ready, or even for the whole day, I will get them involved!

This is one of my favourite photos ever!

So there you have it, how I capture your wedding details in my relaxed, documentary style.

Do you think its important to capture your accessories on the wedding morning? Feel free to have a chat with me about this, or any other detail of your wedding photography during our initial chat. I always set aside time to meet my couples, either face to face or over video call, before you book me as your wedding photographer. We want to make sure that we click and that I am absolutely the right photographer for you, leaving you with the confidence in me to capture your wedding as you dreamed, so that you can just relax and enjoy your day.