I know, being in front of the camera is not everyone's cup of tea!

So many people worry that they feel awkward in front of the lens and that any photos of them will be cringeworthy. No one wants to have the Chandler Bing photo face on their wedding day!

That's where a pre-wedding couple shoot can come in pretty handy. It's a chance for us to get to know each other better so that when I turn up on your big day you feel like you are welcoming a friend rather than dreading the camera!

It also means you can have a bit of a practice having your photo taken - nothing is scarier than the big unknown, and a pre-wedding shoot can really calm any nerves you might have. I can get a feel for how the two of you interact and use that knowledge to get the best possible photos on your wedding day.

As with all my photography, your pre-wedding shoot will be laid-back and relaxed. I usually suggest we go somewhere you like to spend time as a couple so that the location is familiar and comfortable. I will gently guide you (no weird posing or hands in heart shapes!) and give little prompts to get a reaction, whether its having a lovey cwtch or full-on giggles. Most of the time however we'll just be having a chat and getting to know each other, maybe over a coffee or vino...

Of course a couples photoshoot is not just for before your wedding...

You could book one to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to get some great holiday snaps, do a couples maternity shoot, or just because you want some gorgeous photos of the two of you together!