This will get better.

I don't know what to say.... I'm still processing yesterday's announcements, (UK announcement that weddings are back down to a 15 guest maximum etc) - hell I'm still processing everything that's happened in 2020 so far. 

My heart goes out to all the couples planning their weddings who are having to postpone (some for a second or third time), or adjust their expectations for their day. I know how much emotion goes into planning your wedding so the stress of all the last minute changes and uncertainty must be draining. I know there are many couples out there who have lost their passion and enthusiasm for planning - if you can, take a step back and give yourself some space, those feelings of joy and excitement will return. 

I'm thinking too of all the amazing wedding suppliers and small businesses in the industry who have been so badly affected. We all need to support each other as much as we can. So many incredible, talented, creative people pour their heart and soul into their wedding businesses year on year and to see that drain away with so little power to do anything about it is devastating. 

Having said that, weddings can still go ahead. It may be a little different than planned, but small, intimate weddings can be truly wonderful. You can still have a beautiful dress, feel glamourous with your hair and make up done, wear a stylish suit, have the most amazing cake, flowers, food and venue - and you know that your suppliers will be so excited to work with you to make your day special. 

It's OK to feel however you feel right now. You can be angry, sad, positive, numb. You can start planning your magical smaller wedding or you can choose to wait and have the big wedding that you're dreaming of. Whatever you choose will be the right thing for you. 

If anyone, couples or suppliers, wants to chat/cry/laugh/vent/sing - my DMs are always open and I'm sending all of you out the biggest, squeeziest hug 💛 it will get better xxxxx