Tips on moving from a summer to a winter wedding.

Now, I know you don't want to be reading yet another blog about Covid-19, but let's be honest, its having a bigger impact on the world this year than anyone could have imagined. We're all having to make changes and adapt, and many of you are having to postpone your weddings.

For some, this means that your spring or summer wedding is now being moved to later this year, or early 2021. Obviously, this is not the wedding you had planned, but I'm here to tell you the many ways in which having a winter wedding can be simply wonderful...

I know this is a very difficult situation for many and I by no means intend to diminish or trivialise anything you are going through. This post is meant as positive support for those of you who are facing this change in the planning of your day. Above all I hope you all stay safe.
Winter wedding at 10 Castle Street, Dorset.

Styling and Decor

Fairy lights & candles everywhere!

Nothing makes for more cosy and atmospheric wedding styling than decking your venue out in fairy lights and candles.

Do check with your venue about whether they can supply them or if you need to hire in from a lighting company, and also check their policy on naked flames, but this can be a really simple way to make your venue look 'wow'.

candles and fairy lights at an autumn Upton Barn and Walled Garden wedding Devon


Want to embrace a really popular wedding trend at the moment - hire a neon sign for your reception. They are fun, look epic and are 'so hot right now'. (Yes that was my subtle Zoolander reference....) They're a 2020 upgrade to the light up LOVE letters.

You can hire signs with all sorts of different sayings, or even splurge on your own custom-made one.

Everyone will want a photo with it - and you will look effortlessly cool having your couples photos in front of it.

neon light up sign at a winter wedding.

Wedding outfits

Layer up!

Brides, I'm imagining you've already chosen your dream dress. Don't worry, this is not one of the things you will need to change for your big day - this is the perfect excuse to add some epic layering to your look.

Want to rock a leather jacket? Snuggle in a cosy wool wrap? Stand out in a big fluffy coat? The possibilities are endless, find something that speaks to your personal style and will make you feel amazing when you wear it.

Bride snuggles up in a cosy wool shawl at her Hampshire winter wedding.

Dresses with sleeves

If you haven't picked your dress yet, why not have a look at a dress with sleeves? Statement sleeves are right on trend at the moment and will give you that little bit of warmth for a wedding in the cooler months.

Plus they can look bloody fantastic! How about these sleeves from Charlie Brear as an example? They can be added to one of their classic dresses for some extra style oomph! If that doesn't convince you I don't know what will!

Charlie Brear wedding dress with statement sleeves. Hampshire wedding photographer.

It's not all about the girls...

I know this isn't particularly groundbreaking, but a wool tweed suit is a great option for a winter groom.

If you want an extra layer of cosy, why not pair your three piece with a roll neck jumper? Laid back, suave, what's not to love?

Groom in a blue tweed three piece suit and a roll neck jumper with his pet jack russell. Hampshire wedding photography.

Other ideas...

Outdoor ceremonies

Just because you are having a winter wedding doesn't necessarily mean you can't have any of your day outdoors - you never know what the British weather will throw at you! \Speaking as a winter bride myself, we had some gorgeous weather.

But, whether you have your wedding at the end of the year or in the height of summer, I would always suggest having an indoor / under cover back up plan, just in case!

An outdoor winter ceremony with moon arch backdrop.


Look at your timeline and think about any changes you would like to make so your day still runs smoothly.

Do you want to bring your ceremony earlier in the day to make the most of the natural light? Or perhaps have a first look with your other half? This can be a really romantic way of getting some shots of the two of you together before your day gets into that wonderful hectic stage with guests to hug and before the sun goes down.

This is definitely one to speak with your wedding photographer about! We are all about the light and can work with you to make sure you still get those shots you dream of on your day.

A newly wed couple embrace during golden hour at their winter wedding.

Advice from the experts.

Remember to keep talking to your suppliers about your thoughts, we're here to help make your day the best it can be!

What flowers will be in season? Thinking of adding some winter sparkle to your make up? Do you want comfort food and winter warmer cocktails? I've always wanted to see a hot chocolate station at a wedding, I think these are the cutest and a lovely idea for a cold, crisp winter wedding.

Winter flowers on a cake for a winter wedding.

You don't need to make a lot of big changes to have a wonderful winter wedding, but if you wanted to make some little tweaks to fit the season I hope this blog has given you some inspiration. Embrace the sparkle!

Whatever you do, don't forget that the most important part is that you are getting married to the love of your life, with all your favourite people around you. It may not be Plan A, but I bet its going to be equally as awesome.

Sending you all the love and wishing you a wonderful winter wedding.


Have a look at some of my winter wedding photography for more inspiration.